Michigan Garlic Farm is a family owned farm, specializing in hardneck garlic.   Our garlic is hand planted, hand weeded and hand harvested, so you are assured of getting the finest produce. Thanks to all of our new and repeat customers. We are especially thankful for all your positive comments and interest in our garlic and garlic products that we provide.


We have seed garlic bulbs & culinary garlic bulbs for sale.  Seed garlic is a larger bulb and best for planting in mid- to late October in Michigan and other zones that get cold winters.  Seed garlic is also good for roasting due to it's size. Culinary garlic is a smaller bulb that boasts a lot of flavor. Culinary garlic usually lasts longer than seed garlic.  Garlic can be stored & used for over 6 months.  Do not refrigerate garlic.

Folks are welcome to come to our farm and pick up garlic products or order online. You can also find our garlic & garlic products at the following location:

Argus Farm Stop, Ann Arbor

Winter Markets:  Howell (Sundays) & Chelsea (Saturdays)


Welcome to our farm. Our mission is to provide people with a sustainable product which is a widely recognized food source with medicinal properties.