Welcome to our farm. Our mission is to provide people with a sustainable product which is a widely recognized food source with medicinal properties.

Michigan Garlic Farm is a family owned farm, specializing in hardneck garlic.   Our garlic is hand planted, hand weeded and hand harvested, so you are assured of getting the finest produce.

We will once again be selling our garlic scapes and garlic bulbs at several farmers markets and online, starting in June.  Garlic Braids & Bundles will also be available as well as garlic granules and garlic powder (both regular and smoked).

Folks are welcome to come to our farm and pick up garlic products.

Thanks to all of our new and repeat customers. We are especially thankful for all your positive comments and interest in our garlic and garlic products that we provide. We  look forward to our 2014 harvest and seeing all of you again. 

You can also find our garlic & garlic products at the following locations (coming in late July):

Simply Fresh Market (Brighton)
Greener Pastures (South Lyon)
Ruhligs Produce (Dexter)

For more information, click on the "contact us" page.  Please remember to include your phone number and/or email address so we can respond.

JULY CALENDAR MARKETS.  Here's a list of the markets we will be attending in July, starting the week of July 6th.  We will have freshly harvested garlic scapes, as well as our powders & granules (regular & applewood smoked).

Garlic bulbs will be harvested in a few weeks and we will have those around the middle of July as well.  Hope to see you at one of our upcoming July markets.

7/8: SALINE FM (3pm-7pm)
7/9: Ann Arbor (7am-3pm)
7/10:Pittsfield FM (3pm-7pm)
7/11:Dearborn FM (9am-2pm)
7/12: Brighton FM (8am-1pm)

7/13: Howell FM (9am-2pm)
7/16: Ann Arbor (4pm-8pm)
7/17: Milford FM (3pm-8pm)
7/19:Brighton FM (8am-1pm)

7/20: Howell FM (9am-2pm)
7/22: SALINE FM (3pm-7pm)
7/23: Ann Arbor (7am-3pm)
7/24: Pittsfield FM (3pm-7pm)
7/25: Dearborn FM (9am-2pm)
7/26: Farmington FM (9am-2pm)

7/27: Canton FM (9am-1pm)
7/30: Ann Arbor (4pm-8pm)
7/31: Farmers Market on the Capitol Lawn (Lansing) 9am-3pm 
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