About Garlic Scapes

  • add to quiche or omelets

  • add to any stir fry recipe

  • chop and add to cream cheese

  • dry and make a spice

  • excellent on the grill

  • use in place of green onions

  • great in guacamole and salsa

  • chop and sprinkle over pasta

  • add to homemade vinaigrette

  • excellent addition to stocks

  • good in salads or on bruschette

Freezing Scapes

Cut scapes into  1-2" pieces.  Put cut scapes into a food processor and chop for 15-30 seconds.   Transfer scapes to quart size freezer bags and flatten for ease of storage.  Scapes can be kept frozen for up to 1 year, but are best eaten within 6 months of freezing.

You'll find more information about scapes on our recipe page. 

Garlic scapes (also known as garlic tops, garlic shoots, garlic spears, early garlic or garlic "flowers") are the curly tipped, extremely tasty green shoots that are the "heads" of hardneck (or topset) garlic. 

Scapes are generally not found in supermarkets.  Scapes are a versatile and nutritious culinary treasure. Scapes can be used raw or cooked, chopped or whole.  Scapes freeze very well. 

Scapes are a true culinary delicacy and there are endless possibilities when cooking with scapes.  Let your imagination take over.

Here are some ideas for using scapes:​