Cotton Corn Pillows Made In Michigan By Michigan Garlic Farm

All corn pillows are hand made using locally grown corn & 100% cotton fabrics. Each corn pillow is sewn with an interior muslin fabric and an exterior decorative cotton fabric.  Corn pillows are therapeutic & earth friendly warmers for all ages.  Corn pillows are non-toxic & reusable and last many years.  Corn pillows offer moist heat to keep you comfortable.  Unlike electric heating pads, Corn pillows are flexible and conform to your body and can go with you anywhere – no cord needed.  Corn pillows can be used hot or cold to provide soothing relief, or use as hand or foot warmers

Corn is a natural grain with a large surface area and holds moisture longer than other grains.  Rice & flaxseed are smaller grains & can scorch or turn rancid.  Heat corn pillows in microwave for up to 5 minutes (depending on size) or freeze in large Ziploc bag for 30-60 minutes. They make great traveling buddies for your commuting comforts.

These therapeutic bags make great holiday gifts or for those special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers.  They are a great gift for elderly people as well.

Heat remedies include relief from:

Headaches, backaches (lumbar)
Arthritis/bursitis , muscle aches, joint pain and more

 Freeze remedies include relief from:

Sport injuries, swelling, tenderness, bruises, toothaches, sprains  and more