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We have the following garlic products for Sale.  Our products ship via Priority Mail, which usually arrives in 2-5 business days.  We only ship within the United States. For orders larger than 20# (bulbs), please contact us directly & we can calculate shipping costs using the best shipping method.​​  These make great gifts for the holidays.  Garlic will keep for several months if stored in a cool, dark area.  Do not refrigerate garlic.

Please select the products you wish to purchase by clicking on the drop down arrow (Culinary Garlic), which gives you a list of our products as pictured above.

  • Culinary Garlic (smaller bulbs for eating)SOLD OUT FOR 2017
  • Seed Garlic (larger bulbs for planting or roasting)SOLD OUTFOR 2017
  • Pot o' Garlic Bulbs - consists of 6 bulbs of garlic in a decorative clay potSOLD OUT FOR 2017
  • Bag o' Cloves - decorative bag with over 40 cloves of garlic (equivalent to 6 bulbs of garlic) with recipe.SOLD OUT FOR 2017
  • Mini-bundles - bundles of 7 garlic bulbs tied with raffiaSOLD OUT FOR 2017
  • ​Garlic granules and powders (regular or smoked) packaged in 2 oz. jars SOLD OUT